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Custom Control Panels

Panel Design, Modernization and Fabrication Services

TLECC provides design, redesign, and fabrication services to original equipment manufacturers needing dedicated control systems for industrial and commercial machinery, as well as utilities and end-users. TLECC has a fully qualified staff of programmers, field technicians, and panel fabricators. In 2017, we celebrated our 30th year of experience designing, fabricating, integrating, and commissioning industrial control systems. Our staff can design and build custom control panels on a one-time basis or can provide the design/ redesign and modernization of existing panel assemblies. We can fabricate in volume, with delivery and inventory tailored to the scheduling needs of the customer. TLECC designs and builds with the end-user and operator in mind. We understand startup needs and what is involved during commissioning. We incorporate details into each design and assembly, including proper labeling and tagging, with clear and accurate documentation. We take into account the need for service accessibility, potential expansion and future modifications.

 Custom Panel Lineup

Your Design or Ours

TLECC will fabricate using your schematics and component specifications or begin with a “clean sheet of paper” to solve your control requirements. Our experience spans many industries. One of the core strengths of TLECC is the ability to suggest components and interfaces that will modernize control systems while maintaining a focus on cost savings.

Factory Acceptance Testing

Prior to delivery or final installation, TLECC will assure that your equipment operates as intended, in order to avoid disturbances during installation and startup. TLECC thoroughly tests each and every panel fabricated at our facility prior to shipment, verifying that all specifications and contractual requirements have been met. TLECC can provide onsite startup assistance, field testing and calibration for those special projects.

Underwriters Laboratory UL 508A Industrial Control Panels

Timber Line Electric & Control Corporation is listed with Underwriters Laboratories as a "UL-508A Shop".

This listing allows us to fabricate control panels using rigidly screened components. We offer control loop design, ladder logic design, factory acceptance testing, and complete CAD services.

Using UL Listed or Recognized components in an industrial control panel does not guarantee or imply that the entire assembly meets applicable safety requirements. UL’s Industrial Control Panel Program ensures proper component usage and enclosure environmental ratings, and conformance to the National Electrical Code wiring and motor protection requirements and safety marking standards. TLECC is authorized to apply the UL 508A Listing mark in our factory on equipment that is appropriately designed and constructed. This program reduces your costs and avoids delays resulting from “red-tagged” panels at the job site. You benefit from the widespread acceptance of the UL mark by regulatory authorities in every jurisdiction in the United States and Canada, and by many overseas authorities.

Industries Served

  • Water & Wastewater
  • Conveyor Applications
  • Food & Beverage
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Batch Plant Controls
  • Mining Operations
  • Plant Facility Support
  • Oil & Gas
  • Electric Utilities
  • Remote Site Data Acquisition
  • OEM Assemblies


  • AC & DC Drives
  • VFD Panels
  • PLC Controls
  • Customized Motor Control Centers
  • Process Control & Metering Panels
  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Compressor/Pump Panels
  • Analyzer Panels
  • Relay and Marshaling Panels
  • System Monitoring & Human Machine Interface

Support Services

  • AutoCAD Design
  • PLC Programming
  • SCADA Networks
  • Radio Telemetry Services