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Electric & Motor Control

Timber Line Power Control


Timber Line can help with:

  • MCCs
  • Transfer Switches
  • Lighting Panels
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Safety Switches
  • And more

MCC Section


Electric & Motor Control at Timber Line   

At Timber Line, we realize that the backbone of any successful Automation and Control System does not end at the control panel. Reliable and compatible end control devices, such as Across the Line Starters, Soft Starts, VFDs and MCCs, are necessary for your new system to function at its optimal level. As your Systems Integrator, Timber Line can supply and integrate these devices. This approach offers many advantages. Using our experience, we will provide a complete Automation and Control Package, offering either sole source solutions from one manufacturer or blending components from multiple manufacturers. We insure that all components function together seamlessly in order to bring your project to completion with the best value. In addition, when Timber Line provides a complete solution, any start up or warranty issues can to be handled quickly, as there is only one supplier to contact in order to solve the problem. MCC Section Soft starter

For retrofit, expansion, or upgrade, Timber Line can provide complete new buckets for existing MCCs. These can include replacement VFDs, Soft Starts, and modern Across the Line Starters with smart relays or overloads, replacing obsolete components or adding smart capabilities to optimize operations. These buckets can include custom control components and wiring as required. Contact TLECC today to discuss the optimization of your control system installation or modernization with one of our experienced staff members.

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