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Field Services

Timber Line offers a full range of field service. We are happy to travel to customer sites for any of the following needs:

After Sales Follow-Up

  • Warranty calls
  • Customer requested customization

Troubleshooting Services

  • Control loop troubleshooting
  • System documentation
  • Wiring cleanup and organization
  • Equipment inspection and repair

Preventive Maintenance Services

  • Periodic calibrations
  • Periodic inspections
  • Equipment viability assessments

Calibration Services

  • All types of transmitters, recorders, totalizers


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Available Preventive Maintenance Services

Panel Installation

  • Installation and Testing of Control Panels. Our field technicians are experienced in the installation of panels and equipment. We test to ensure that everything works as required, and we clean up after ourselves!

Electrical InspectionCastle Pines WTP

  • Electrical Equipment Cleaning. This service includes all control and distribution panels, MCC’s, and motor control equipment, with an emphasis on cleaning and dust mitigation.
  • Electrical Connection Inspection. Technicians will tighten connections and apply anti-oxidant to improve the quality and lifespan of electrical connections. A comprehensive report will be provided for each enclosure, detailing findings and recommendations.
  • Thermal Image Scanning of Electrical Components and Connections. We will generate a comprehensive report with color images and recommendations based on our findings.

Rotating Equipment

  • Vibration Analysis of Rotating Equipment. Using a calibrated accelerometer, we test pumps and motors for excessive motion in all three axes. A report with findings and recommendations is included.
  • Internal Motor Winding Insulation Test. Using a non-destructive, high voltage resistance test to verify the condition of motor winding insulation. A findings and recommendations report will be issued.

Radio System/RTU Maintenance

  • Battery Maintenance. We recommend that all backup power supply batteries (RTU, UPS, and solar system) be replaced every three to four years. Typically with this service we replace all batteries, and date-tag them, making it easy to know when to replace them.
  • Radio Verification. We recommend this service every three to four years. Our radio technician will test all system radios to confirm that they are transmitting at the same power level as they were when installed. Antenna and feedline connections and condition will be examined; repair and replacement, if required, will be performed on a time and materials basis.
  • Because these two service should occur at roughly the same interval, it is convenient to schedule them together.

Radio Tuning

  • This is a more comprehensive version of Radio Verification described above. With this service, a radio technician will visit each radio site, and perform the following services:
    • Check and adjust radio output power.
    • Check and adjust radio transmission frequencies. This service requires additional technician training and special equipment.
    • Examine antenna and feed line connections and condition.
  • A report will be provided detailing findings and corrective action taken.
  • If significant repairs are required, TLECC will generate a quote for your approval.
  • Minor issues with the radio system can be addressed during the service on a time and materials basis.

Instrument Calibration

  • Calibration or Verification of System Instrumentation. Any instrument which can be adjusted will be verified and adjusted. For devices that cannot be adjusted (such as Magnetic Flow meters), parameters will be recorded and totalizers verified.
  • Flow Verification. TLECC technicians can measure flow independently of system flow meters, to verify the accuracy of the flow meters.
  • Calibration and Verification reports will be provided for each device.

SCADA System Maintenance

  • System Backup. The following data can be archived:
    • PLC program files
    • HMI configuration files
    • VFD configuration files
    • SCADA system configuration
    • SCADA historical database. Note that, while other configuration and program files often do not change through the entire life of a system, the historical database is constantly adding data. Therefore, it is advisable to perform regular, incremental backups of this data. This can be accomplished manually or automatically.
  • Software Install and Update. Our technicians can help you keep your SCADA software up to date.
    • We will install and configure new software to add features and capability to your SCADA system.
    • We will upgrade and configure existing software.
    • If you use iFix as your SCADA platform, TLECC can provide a subscription to iFix GlobalCare. This annual subscription provides access to the latest software revisions, and to Hot Fixes and Service Packs, so your SCADA software is always current and secure.
    • TLECC can assist with software installation and update, either onsite or online.

Equipment Maintenance Records

  • We can assist in the creation of records to support an equipment maintenance program. Your SCADA system can collect, record, and display data (e.g. motor run times) which, coupled with manually entered service records, allow your maintenance personnel to stay a step ahead of unplanned downtime due to equipment failure.

State Reports

  • TLECC can create forms which present information required by state or local authorities. Reports can include data such as Chlorine, Turbidity, and Effluent Water Temperature. Any condition that is monitored can be stored in the SCADA Historical Database and presented in a report. Reports can be published automatically (e.g. daily or monthly) or on-demand.