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SCADA & Radio Telemetry

TLECC's Telemetry Services


Radio Path Analysis
  • Terrain profiling
  • Intermod studies
SCADA System Design
  • Repeater, Store and Forward, and Redundancy Options
  • Specification consulting
Frequency Licensing Services
  • New licenses and renewals
  • FCC coordination
 Operator Interfaces
  • Stand alone computers
  • Network computers
  • Web-hosted operator terminals


What is the difference between a PLC and an RTU?



Radio Telemetry

Timber Line provides a full range of telemetry solutions featuring products from Motorola, Allen Bradley, SCADAPac, Xetawave, and Banner. We provide single or multiple communication paths via licensed frequency radio, spread spectrum radio, satellite, cellular and DSL.

Timber Line is Colorado's distributor for Motorola Fixed Data products in the Rocky Mountain area. We stock Motorola parts and service new and existing systems in a five state area.




We start up new computerized SCADA systems every year, and modify, maintain, and upgrade existing systems. Our SCADA support specialists understand all aspects of integrated SCADA systems including radio telemetry, remote site programming, control software databases, and operator interface design.



What is SCADA?

SCADA, or Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, refers to a system that collects data from various sensors at remote locations, relays the data at a central computer, and displays it for system operators.  SCADA can automatically take action based on the data. For instance, to maintain water level in a storage tank, SCADA can control pumps and valves, generate alarms, and notify operators as needed.  Operators can intervene in response to system conditions, either from the central SCADA computer or from remote devices.  In addition, SCADA can archive data for future review and research. It can graphically present current or historical data trends, and produce reports either automatically or on-demand.

What Does This Mean To Me?

Good question! A Timber Line SCADA system is a monitor and control system. We build our SCADA systems to meet the individual needs of each customer. Our customers, primarily water and wastewater districts, use their custom designed SCADA systems to monitor and control such functions as plant control, running pumps to fill tanks, controlling VFDs for pressure and flow control, monitoring well levels and flow rates, chemical feed controls and monitoring alarms. The possibilities are endless.

What are the key components of a SCADA System.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Smart Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Computerized SCADA Central Control
  • Historian Data Logging
  • Alarm Messaging
Primary Instrumentation
  • Flow Meters
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Temperature Switches and Transmitters
  • Level & Float Switches
  • Analytical Devices

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